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Aug. 20th, 2009

Picture Perfect

the soundtrack of my movie

I found this in musiclovers so I'll give it a try :D

1. get an iPod or mp3 player with the shuffle option.
2. put on shuffle.
3. press forward for every question.
4. use the song title as your answer, no matter how ridiculous it may sound.

opening credits?
Come Away With Me - Norah Jones

the first scene at a high school?
Dice - Finley Quaye & William Orbit (The OC: Mix 1)

when you start liking this girl/guy
Yellow - Coldplay

during the date?
Walk this way - Aerosmith with Run DMC

during the kiss?
Fool - Shakira

later on when you get married?
Esos locos bajitos - Joan Manuel Serrat (thinking of kids already D:)

during the honeymoon?
Kiss Goodbye - Hans Zimmer (The Holiday Soundtrack)

during the fight?
Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles

when you realize you you want him back?
Roadhouse Blues - The Doors

birth of your first child?
Longview - Green Day

bringing your child to kindergarten?
Down - Blink-182

at your child's graduation?
Imagine - Jack Johnson (Make Some Noise: The Campaign to Save Darfur)

at your child's wedding?
Must Be Dreaming - Frou Frou

birth of your grandchild?
Livin' La Vida Loca - Ricky Martin (Lol whaaaat)

when your lover becomes sick?
The Shock of The Lightning - Oasis

when he dies?
Requiem For a Dream Theme

when you become sick?
Amor de Mujer - Paulina Rubio (lol again)

when you die?
Serre-moi - Tyro

ending credits?
We're Dancing - Mandy Moore (center stage copycat O:)

Some weird choices XD but I really like most of these songs

& what about u? Put this up and let's see what u get XD
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Jul. 29th, 2009

Picture Perfect

Cap ou pas cap?


So I finally watched Jeux d'Enfants. It was... a little weird, as expected, but I really liked it. It's a love story, but with some twisted people XD The kids are really cute and Marion & Guillaume are perfect. He's gorgeous :D and I went through the whole movie thinking where have I seen him before? where? so thanks to imbd.com now I know! He was on Joyeux Noël Another great, really sweet movie (with another cute guy, Daniel Brühl). But omg I realized how rusty I am with french, I watched it with subtitles and I could only catch some phrases, IF they spoke slowly XD (which with Marion was like never, boy does she talk fast!). So much for 4 years of studying :\

But anyways, cute movie :D I recommend it if you don't want to see the typical romantic comedy.

Jul. 24th, 2009

Picture Perfect

Getting started..

Though it's been a while since I've known and used LJ I think this will be my first attempt in actually writing journal entries in here, and well just try to be more active. I'm always finding interesting people to add as friends (and only few of my old ones must remember me) and then I think "But if they want to know about me, they'll find no entries, no introduction, no likes/dislikes, nothing" So now's the time to change that, and i'll be updating my journal the next few days.

When school starts I tend to stop visiting LJ as much, obviously. But I'll try to keep up this time, just writing about anything and having some leisure time every now and then.

So a big HELLO to old & new friends, see ya around!

Jul. 14th, 2009

Picture Perfect

Writer's Block: Le Quatorze Juillet

Happy Bastille Day! Today the French celebrate the event that sparked the French revolution. In honor of our Francophone friends, what is your favorite French thing? Bonus points for answers en français.

j'adore la langue!
Picture Perfect

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